for Sale

It's been debated and talked about time and again. We've decided to see if anyone would be interested in buying from us? The Cutestat analysis shows the domain to be worth around $106,200 but of course we doubt there is anyone out there who would pay that much for it! We're open to offers from anyone though ridiculously stupid offers won't even be entertained or humoured, for example: $100!

For inquiries about buying the domain please use our 'Contact Us' button.

OfflineBay as a Service

We are still open to this idea if nobody wants to take the domain off our hands. We're not entirely sure how we would go about turning it into a service but certainly it would end up being an open registration for a small period of time with limited number of Beta testers and then invite only. We're open to suggestions on this.

Other Stuff

The following are a bunch of links to other stuff such as purchasing an invite for a closed off movie streaming service etc.

Purchase Invite for Screemo